Well 9 was a MAJOR disappointment which was a bummer. Oh well I did go to a U.S vs. el Salvador world cup qualifying game that was awesome, U.S won 2-1. Pretty sweet. And now I have quit my job, not sure if this is a good move yet but I was tired of being there so I feel better now. And I finished catching fire the other day it was a really good book.

Lately my life has been fairly dull and honestly moving very slowly. The only thing that really has changed in the past few months is I have gained about 5 pounds. Oddly i'm pretty happy about those 5 pounds and would like 5 or 15 more to go with it. Prefferably in muscle form. So ya that's about all lately, siting around gaining 5 pounds. And sadly the thing the only thing I am looking forward to between now and my mission is quiting my job and the movie 9. Both coming fairly soon. wahoo!