So yesterday I saw one of those idiots you just don't want to be around when driving. You may ask what he was doing while driving. Well I'm going to tell you.
I was driving back to work after eating lunch and there he was right in front of me. He had his visor mirror down and you would think he was a girl the way he was starring in it. He was running his hands through his hair like a monkey looking for fleas. I think he had O.C.D because he was doing it for so long and with both hands. This was happening at a stoplight and when it turned green you would think he would stop. But no while he was driving he was still passing his hands obsessively through his hair. When I saw hands I mean hands too. He had both hand off the steering wheel and in his hair. He was swerving like a drunken. So I figured I would stay back and stare at this ridiculous man who was obsessed with himself. I was so mad the whole time.

So after school today I decided I would swing by Toys-R-Us to get a present for my nephew. On the way there I was excited from curiosity. It has been so long since I have been to this store. I feel a deep love for this place but can't remember it well due to the scarce visits as I child. I'm sure my parents avoided it purposefully because they knew we came back with either expensive new toys in the trunk or a screaming kid in the back seat. So as previously stated I was excited to bring back old memories. To my dismay upon arrival the doors were closed with shopping carts blocking the entrance from the inside. It was closed..
I also had to get some new garments on the way home but with my luck found that closed as well. Things have changed around here and I guess I'm still trying to catch up with the oddities of this new Utah valley.

Well 9 was a MAJOR disappointment which was a bummer. Oh well I did go to a U.S vs. el Salvador world cup qualifying game that was awesome, U.S won 2-1. Pretty sweet. And now I have quit my job, not sure if this is a good move yet but I was tired of being there so I feel better now. And I finished catching fire the other day it was a really good book.

Lately my life has been fairly dull and honestly moving very slowly. The only thing that really has changed in the past few months is I have gained about 5 pounds. Oddly i'm pretty happy about those 5 pounds and would like 5 or 15 more to go with it. Prefferably in muscle form. So ya that's about all lately, siting around gaining 5 pounds. And sadly the thing the only thing I am looking forward to between now and my mission is quiting my job and the movie 9. Both coming fairly soon. wahoo!

Here is a post.

There it is. Stay tuned for more later

I should have posted this a long time ago but I didn't. Sorry. Anyways I got my mission call to the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East mission!!! AWESOME! I am very excited to serve the people there and spread the gospel. But I also can't deny that I am way excited to sight see and be on a tropical Island.

To bad I can't swim or play really that is going to be torture for me : ( I have heard a lot of stuff about the DR since getting my call and everything seems to make me more excited. The people are nice, very excepting to gospel in general, I get my own maid, the fruit is amazing, the beaches are paradise, lots of colonial history, and tons of other good stuff. The worst part about it is having to wait till November 4th. ugh

So I recently realized that I have a secret love. This is a love so secret that it was actually secret from myself until recent realization. In fact its so secret that I thought at one point it was actually hatred but now I think its love. Love for a girl named: my radio at work.

The way I stumbled upon this love was listening to the radio at work one normal day I think it was this past Tuesday. I had turned on the radio around ten that morning and decided to tune into a different station then my usual ones. I turned on 100.7. Within two hours of running around at work I had heard different sections of Lady Gag fests song Love Game FOUR different times!! WOW! Plus its already an inappropriate song for pretty much anyone to hear.

That is when I found out that I have a love for old rock and roll like def leopard, AC/DC, Ozzy Osborne, Metallica, the Beatles, queen, led zeppelin and basically the classic stuff. Of course I still need to do some research on the new found love and see if its really true but I'm pretty sure it is. An ideal day at work consist of me flipping through 101.1, 103.1, 103.5, 104.7 and taking some filthy car inside and out and spending endless hours detailing it without interruption. Turning it from a lump of dump into a sparkling beauty.