So yesterday I saw one of those idiots you just don't want to be around when driving. You may ask what he was doing while driving. Well I'm going to tell you.
I was driving back to work after eating lunch and there he was right in front of me. He had his visor mirror down and you would think he was a girl the way he was starring in it. He was running his hands through his hair like a monkey looking for fleas. I think he had O.C.D because he was doing it for so long and with both hands. This was happening at a stoplight and when it turned green you would think he would stop. But no while he was driving he was still passing his hands obsessively through his hair. When I saw hands I mean hands too. He had both hand off the steering wheel and in his hair. He was swerving like a drunken. So I figured I would stay back and stare at this ridiculous man who was obsessed with himself. I was so mad the whole time.


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